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Graffiti and the Lightning GT

Good Graffiti is great. It’s a peculiarly rebellious British art form. There are now entire festivals given over to the subject with cities opening up space for world-renowned artists to come and show their wares and create new art for the world to enjoy.

We think the Lightning GT is the sort of motoring equivalent of graffiti

The Lightning against a backdrop of a hangar with Lightning GT II on it.jpg

We couldn’t miss this fabulous photo opportunity. To you, it may just be a normal?aircraft hangar of WWII vintage, but to us it’s a beautiful backdrop with the Lightning and the GTII logo (ish) behind.

It’s tough?on the streets

This image shows the Lightning GTII against a graffiti backdrop. Many supercars can’t be driven easily within a city, but the Lightning GT is different, because it’s all electric, it is just as happy in dense urban traffic as it is on the track. Experience the silence and then experience the endless surge of power.

The Lightning GT Supercar against some Graffiti.jpg


1 thought on “Graffiti and the Lightning GT”

  1. A little bit of pedantry: the hangar is a cold war era Hardened Air Shelter, not of WW2 vintage.

    The lighting bolt on the doors indicates it was a 111Sqn facility.

    Hopefully we’ll start seeing some Lightning Its released into the wild soon.


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