The Lightning GT is a true British Supercar. Designed in the UK and bristling with innovation through the chassis and drivetrain, it’s set to become the intelligent choice for the discerning driver, looking for supercar performance and ultimate exclusivity without the compromises of the internal combustion engine.

About the Lightning EV GT under the hood

  1. LED Recharging Socket
  2. Flowing Shoulder
  3. Fading Feature Line
  4. LED Beam
  5. Short Visual Overhang
  6. Unique twin motor drivetrain with immense torque
  7. Driver-focused interior

Range Extender Option

The Lightning GT is designed to have a real world range of over 200 miles. We are currently?testing a range extender option, which could extend this range by a further 200 miles.

Technical Specification

Bodywork: Carbon Fibre
Chassis: Honeycomb Aluminum
Batteries: Lithium Titanate > 10,000 cycles
Brakes: 6 pot front, 4 pot rear
Wheels: Rimstock Lightweight
Power: 4000nm of torque and over 450hp
Weight: Circa 1850kg
Performance: 0-60mph < 4 seconds, top speed over 175mph
Range: Production target over 200 miles


Lightning? is a registered Trademark.?