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      1. The Lightning GT was created in the UK for the motoring purist who accepts no driving compromise. The GT is pure electric drive with instant response and ultra smooth performance up to a very high top speed. The feel and soul of the GT are intended?to reward the driver with an experience like no other electric car. We are confident that when you see it and drive it, you will fall in love with The Lightning GT.


        By Design

        To design an electric performance car is a wonderful challenge, no?compromise was our brief. The challenge went on to request a clean sheet be used, every core component must be new, the Lightning is to have its own DNA, not someone else’s.

        From the outset, we have endeavoured to succeed in that mission. Commencing with the exterior we were adventurous. Strong?sweeping curves, bold buttresses and an uncluttered clear rear-end are the result. Inside provide the information you need and no more, life is busy enough already.

        The Chassis

        So unique, we’ve had to protect its design. The honeycomb aluminum chassis is built to be ultra stiff and strong. It houses the unique Lithium?Titanate battery packs which integrate with the chassis to add major?torsional and beam stiffness. Weight is kept central and low, where it is most wanted by our engineers and you, the driver.

        The Technology

        The Lightning is a technological ‘tour de force’ commencing with the smooth new drivetrain. Working with a leading electric motor manufacturer, we jointly engineered a twin motor unit with parallel?gearboxes and electronic differential.

        We’ve?patented a ‘range protector’ software which will assist?you and your Lightning to arrive at your destination and reduce the EV range?anxiety we hear so much about. Coupled with the Lithium Titanate?batteries which take a very high power re-charge, the Lightning’s intent is to be as future proof as any car on the road today.?The Lightning development car has had any number of challenges thrown at it and always emerged intact and ready for the next.

        The Lightning EV GT Electric Supercar 3

        Your Lightning GT

        We are now accepting ‘requests for information’ from interested drivers wishing to be amongst the first to own a new Lightning. We will keep you informed via our email and website about our progress, which will accelerate?throughout?2018. Our business partners are finalising plans for the GT and future range developments on a common platform.

        International Enquiries for distribution and sales in key markets are invited.

        Contact us via the website here

        “The Lightning Gt was created to pioneer the move towards zero emission at point of use cars. It was launched in an era when EV?was seen as cranky and at best for local dairy vehicles. By showing the world that EV can look good, arguably great, ?the Lightning?was ?a pathfinder for the new breed of stylish electric vehicles. A new international venture will ensure that Lightning GT’s?grace our roads within a couple of years with deposits in and more being accepted later this year upon formal announcement”.

        Iain Sanderson : Joint Founder

        Craig Doyle on Fully Charged

        Ohh, there’s power off the line, It loves corners and feels absolutely?fantastic. There’s lots of power and lots of feel.

        Craig Doyle

        TV Presenter and Journalist

        It Feels Absolutely Fantastic